In Canon, Royston, Lavonia, Gumlog, Carnesville, and Franklin Springs, we would like taking on more business. We do a good amount of work there, word of mouth, but this is our first try to catch your attention. Call us and see why we are your best choice for a Franklin County Handyman. We are fast, fair, professional, and mindful of your property.

HHS Consumer Tip:
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Use a traditional open fire or woodburner to heat your home? Follow these safety tips:
Before lighting the first fire of winter, have your chimney swept
Franklin County HandymanChimneys should be swept once a year by a professional. Wood or Gas both
Don’t allow soot or ash to build up.
Dampers all the way open, Gas or Wood. Do not partially open the damper for heat.
Inspect your chimney cap, especially at the rooftop. Make sure it is sound and that sparks or fumes can’t escape through cracks or broken bricks.

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Inspect flues to woodburners to ensure heat cannot escape through to a combustible beam or roof structure.

Burn the recommended fuels only – Never use Gasoline to light your fire.
Always use a fire guard to protect against flying sparks
Don’t overload the grate or build fires too high
Let fires burn down well before going to bed or leaving the house.